Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The thing you must goto on Saturday

Last years was great fun at Pok-e-Joes, this year its moved to the chainsaw massacre chainsaw shop turned Johnny Cash themed the Mean Eyed Cat. This is a British fringe event put together by the people behind British Underground who represent the UK's best micro labels. It's a nice laid back thing with british acts and acts on british labels. Possibly be some last minute extra guests.

Bootleg BBQ at the Mean Eyed Cat
Saturday 18th March

Main Stage (30 minutes sets)
1:45pm Catfish Haven
2:30pm SWAY
3:15pm USE
4:00pm The Harrisons

Acoustic Stage (15 minute sets)
1:30 Get Cape Wear Cape Fly
2:15 Corb Lund
3:00 Liam Frost
3:45 Foy Vance


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