Monday, March 06, 2006

Drowned in Sound does SXSW - prologues and warnings

The hangover is a horizon away and the wolves are begging me to play in the traffic. Drowned in Sound (or in less pretentious first person DiS Founder Sean Adams) is currently looking for its passport and wondering where the time will come to wash festering underwear in the next 9 days amongst checking out nearly 3000 bands to try to work out who to see. We realise we're not alone.

The idea of this blog is simple. We're gonna give away what we think is worth seeing and collate together the very best information regarding parties and showcases from the floods of information currently hitting the web. If you recommend other stuff, just say. If you're in a band and think we might like you, then maybe drop us an email. Bare in mind DiS is the label that discoveredand kicked-started the Kaiser Chiefs career and Martha Wainwright and has a roster that boasts canadian rock sensation Metric and some might say the most beautiful band in Europe, some say the world, Jeniferever. So the bar is set rather, unnaturally, high. We mostly heart (and recommend thing in red) things that sound like Elliott Smith backed by Spirtualized, or Cat Power fronting Explosions in the Sky or The Shins atop a messy mountain of Les Savy Fav fans and Radio Dept's fuzzy feedback. Despite that we're not afraid of hooks and chaos. We're excited about seeing pirate ship sinkers Man, Man - if that helps at all?

Enough meandering introduction. We'll get on with updates tomorrow. Or biw,

For more goto or or even Sean's personal myspace .

And there's a DiS podcast that you can subscribe to by searching iTunes for "Drowned in Sound" or goto we're doing a special SXSW preview show for your trip there next week.

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