Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mister Ex-Guided By Voices

for those of you lucky enough to be heading out to Austin this week, Must Destroy / Merge recording artiste, former Guided By Voices frontman / somgwriter / genius, and all 'round awesome guy, ROBERT POLLARD will be performing two shows towards the end of the event.

firstly, the Merge / Sub-Pop Party @ Pok-E-Jo's 1603 W.5th Street (1pm - 6pm)
Bob's onstage at 5pm
free entry

next, the Merge SxSW Showcase @ Antone's 213 W.5th St.
Bob's onstage at 1am.
free to badges / wristbands etc. capacity permitting.

as the chances of Bob and band making it over to the UK / Europe anytime soon are looking very slim indeed, this could be your only opportunity to see it.
(anyone who was lucky enough to witness GBV in live action knows exactly why its worth the effort)

Must Destroy will be out there (well, one of us at least), so drop a line on if there's any further questions re; the above.

Robert Pollard's first post-GBV solo album 'From A Compund Eye' is in stores now on Must Destroy (Merge in the U.S)

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